Creating a impeccable view filled with natural light is one of a homeowners dream. From the large picturesque view to the decreased light bill, bay, bow, or garden windows are a great addition to any room. Arc Energy Systems in the Charlotte area proudly specializes in replacement of various bay windows for residential properties.

Create a Signature Impression with Bay or Bow Windows

First produced in the 1870s, bay windows offer a classic, historical look to any home. Bay windows usually have three separate panes, or “lites”, installed in angled projections. Bow windows, on the other hand, will contain four or five lites installed at shallower angles for a more rounded look. Either will wow guests and brighten the room with lots of natural light. This style of window is also a great way to open a room, and can have seating installed to make a cozy reading nook.

Bring Outside In with Garden Windows

Similar to bay and bow windows but often smaller, garden windows are ideal for plant lovers and those seeking a natural look in their decor. Garden windows project outward and create a space like a small greenhouse on your home. They often include a small glass shelf as well. They are great for indoor herb gardens, living foliage, and photos and decor. The geometric shape of garden windows make them extremely versatile on all types of home, but especially those with modern, angular lines.

Bay Window Replacement in Charlotte Area

Marked as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, Charlotte home and property values are increasing by the minute. Therefore, ensuring that your home has a proper, distinguished, and well-maintained bay window is critical to any home.

Arc Energy Systems provides the Charlotte area with bay window replacement to replace old and dysfunctional windows. Our team of professionals will meet with you and discuss what are your best options, then schedule an appointment to replace the bay window. It’s that easy! To schedule a bay window consultation, contact us or call Call us free!.

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