Casement Window

Casement windows are a unique and energy efficient style that can add an aesthetic appeal to any home. Casement windows are hinged on the side and pivoted vertically. Similar to awning windows; a cranking mechanism allows for smooth and easy opening or closing while giving the window a tight seal when shut. Casement windows offer better security than your typical window because the locking devices have hooks that are embedded within the frame. This protects the lock from being tampered with from the outside. Casement windows are generally used for living spaces with a better view of the outside. Casement windows are unobstructed giving you a beautiful view of the outside.

Energy Efficient Casement Windows in Charlotte

The design of a casement window makes them great when trying to be more conscious of energy usage. If used properly, these windows can save you money on your energy bill throughout the year. Along with our other energy efficient windows, casement windows let in large amounts of natural light, retain heat, and protect from drafts. The natural light enters your house and allows you to turn overhead lights off while adding extra warmth so you can use less heat. When the temperature is warmer, opening the casement window will let in fresh air. After cranking the window closed, the tight seal keeps cold drafts out of your home.

Charlotte Window Installation

Arc Energy Systems offers energy efficient window and door installation to residents throughout the Charlotte area. We will replace your old windows with new and improved designs that will help you save energy all year long. Contact us today or call 980-475-4757 for energy efficient window installment.

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